GENTALENT: Incorporating, maintaning and promoting women’s talent in the occupational sector of technology

GENTALENT combines fundamental research on the problem concerning women in the occupational sector of technology; as well as social innovation focused on the development of an impact on the structures and people involved in this process. More than exploring only how excluded are women from this sector, we also focus on which factors ease women’s incorporation, maintenance, and promotion in professional categories with huge responsibility. The methodology includes not only the classical analysis but also a research based on the principle of “research-action” through participating in “reversed seminars” where workers are those who define which factors are they looking for. All this information will be compiled on diverse formats and materials with recomendations and good practices directed to managers, occupational agents and workers, and all those professionals who can have a positive  influence on women’s incorporation to the technological sector. We will aso distribute this information to professorship and studentship in primary and secondary school. This research contribution is based on a multidimensional approach that tests the actions that we will be using later on to elaborate recomendations and results dissemination.